Motherly musings

For most things we needed 2 hands to do, we need only one now.
We take a million pics of the same baby-moment, promising to delete the duplicates later. "Later" never comes.
We dont have to sing in the bathroom anymore. Now we have an attentive, dedicated audience.
We long for some peace but worry the most when its too quiet.
It always feels like we have forgotten something.
There is a baby at the wheel, personal care in the back seat and socializing is in the trunk.
Every night, when we kiss them 'good night', we kiss our sleep ...... 'good bye'
Walking to the fridge is only form of exercise we get. (oohhkay... is the only exercise we "do"...happy??)

Ahh...well, the list is endless... it will grow everyday with my baby girl and I will keep writing.

P.S : My new blog on motherhood and my journey with my daughter....  DiaperDreamz

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Srivatsan said...

If you/your spouse is naughty as a kid,then you will have the exercise of your lifetime when the baby crosses 6 months of age!

Currently,my brother's son who is 11 months old is giving all of us heavy exercise and also detective work,of finding in what room he is hiding! But you can laugh heavily seeing his vishamam.. the way he utters word.. you would laugh from the bottom of your stomach!

We can experience the natural laughter only when you grow a baby in home! :)

Happy motherhood!

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