Only men who have been with too many women find women complicated.

p.s: If you have been with only one woman and still find her complex, then she must be a psycho. And psychos exist in both the genders.

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soin said...

have you ever heard of a gay complain that men are complicated?

Naarya said...

@ soin: sadly, i dont know any. do you?

hero said...

As far i have noticed, women are good and they are usually like boys. i mean that women and men are equal in most of the aspects. not only men have attractiveness to good looking girls but women too have attractiveness to good looking men.

but one thing i have to tell you that men is flexible before committed to any relationships (sexually or dating), like they even love a less - good looking girl and sorry to say that i have seen no girl (mostly less - good looking) ever wants to commit or atleast be a good friend to a less - good looking boy !!!!!!!!!

in this aspect women have to change !!!!!!!

This message is mainly to those women or girls(less - good looking). And am very sorry for using the word "less good looking" , because i cant use the word "bad looking" as i believe that no one in this world, men or women are Bad looking :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Just want to have this conversation with you specifically on this topic!!!!!

Bikramjit said...

really.. I did not know that :) I find all the women beatuiful :)


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