For Blue Blood

Hi, I have been helping for this cause ever since I came to know about it. If you have the time and money to spare, please let them know you can help.

A bunch of IT guys in Chennai are trying to create a better world for a few under privileged kids in the remote villages of TN. Check out their website to know more ....
These guys are normal people like us. They are not looking for political or social gains. They are people working in the IT sector, who are trying to share their good lives with those who havnt had a chance. I was impressed by their work in Usilampatti. And have decided to join hands.
If you are interested.....
On Orkut:
If you want to contribute...
(Note: Contributions made are tax exempt.)
You could also send donations to:
Bank Name - HDFC Bank
Branch : Annanagar chennai
Account No - 00171450000033

They are currently setting up a library for the children ( age from 3 to
17) in the orphanages that they visit regularly and for the children they are sponsoring in the ten villages.

You could donate new books/ old books in good condition to the following address :

C/O Anban
Old No.12, new no.13, Sai nagar annexe,
Chinmaya nagar,

Guys, we can help a few kids build their imagination. Old books is all they need. Please do try and help.

Start by doing what you can, then extend it to what is possible. Before you know, you will be doing the impossible.
- some unknown intelligent person.

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HaRy!! said...

nice and informative one ngoo .... good way to spread the goodnes!

Vishnu said...

chennai pona help panna try panren.. i hav lots of books at home..

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