New York Nagaram...

...and more.
Snaps from my most recent trip to NYC and a few others. Also, my first attempt at using iPhoto to edit them

Wedding party. Guys showing their strength and girls showing theirs.


Colored mist at Niagara

Stones under water - Niagara
Misty and mysterious - Niagara
Statue of liberty
Liberty torch
some bulding
berries at central park


Diwali lights
Central park
Pic says it all. HRC at NYC
Subway art

7 Click and Speak:

soin said...

2nd pic-ithelam yeduthu podreenga.. photoshop touch lighta??

Naarya said...

not photoshop. iPhoto.
:D anga thaan namma kann pogudu...wat to do !

Srivatsan said...

sema pics!

hmmm..eppo thaan naanum intha maathri edathellam paarka poreno?? :(

Shas said...

Nice pics. It may sound weird but the pic with diwali lights looked like a witch's hand with blue nailpaint.

Naarya said...

@ srivatsan: thnx!
@ shas : Quite an interesting way of looking at things.

HaRy!! said...

wowowo kalakal snaps...ena camera ithu ? SLR thane??

Naarya said...

@Hary: Thnk u!!! slr illa....i hv used 2 different normal was fuji fine pix s360 and other was olympus sp 560uz.

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