K.Sutra # 5 - make bread pizza at home

Original Recipe idea - Reena Kothana (my friend and neighbor).

This is a very tasty and very easy to make pizza on normal bread. Its 100% guaranteed to knock out your family and guests! (Do I sound like the person on TV trying to sell something....side effects of bad afternoon american television)

You will need:

Bread - multi grain or whole wheat is recommended. If you have an Indian bakery nearby try getting khara bread (spicy bread). I have not tried jalapeno bread yet. If you do try, please let me know how it came out.
1 large tomato - minced
1 large onion - minced
1 capsicum - minced
4 cloves garlic - minced
black pepper powder
hunt's tomato paste - 6oz can (not diced tomato, not basil/garlic/parsley flavored tomato...just look for tomato paste)
ajwain seeds (carom's seeds) you will find these in Indian grocery stores

For Toppings:
1 large chinese eggplant (chinese brinjal) - these are softer than normal brinjals and are light purple in color
shredded cheese - recommended is a blend of different types of cheese. you will find the mexican/fiesta blend in most grocery stores.
2 jalapenos - sliced

These make about a dozen bread pizzas.

Cut the brinjals into circles on about few millimeters thick. Deep fry these slices in oil. Sprinkle salt on the eggplant crispy circles.
For my meat loving husband I added shallow fried jalapeno slices and shallow fried sausage slices for toppings.
You could also add sauted mushrooms, oilves or just about anything you like on your pizza.

For paste:
Heat oil in a pan. Add ajwain seeds and allow them to splutter. Add 3/4 th of the minced onion. The rest will be used raw on the pizza as a topping. After onions cook, add all of the garlic and 3/4th of the minced capsicum. After this cooks, add all the minced tomatoes and then the hunt's tomato paste. Salt and pepper as you wish.
This will be a tangy tomato sauce for the pizza. You can add green chillies if you want some spice in it. I additionally used some parsley and oregano (dry) too. But these are optional.

On the bread, apply the sauce we just made. Place the toppings - raw onions, raw capsicum pieces, shallow fried jalapenos, the deep fried brinjals and any other topping you have thought of. Finish it off with cheese and arrange this in your oven. We need to just melt the cheese, so dont worry about pre heating the oven. Just put it on 350 F for 5 mins. Keep checking it time to time. The easiest thing to do is to place the bread and then set the oven to 350 F. When the light goes off, (oven reaches 350) the cheese would have melted.

In the baking tray, place a sheet of aluminum foil as the melting cheese can spill over and cause stain on your tray. To avoid bread sticking to the aluminum foil you can apply a coating of melted butter on the bottom side of the bread or on the sheet.

This one just cant go wrong. Enjoy!

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soin said...

cant go wrong?? just wait for me to make my cook try it.. she will kill it somehow..free

Gulshan said...

Brinda made these for me and it was amazing. I hate Brinjals but i loved it as a topping in this pizza.

Thanks for the recipe Brinda :).. I will soon try this

Naarya said...

@ soin : Try it urself then :P
@ Gullu : Han try karo aur bolo kaise aaya,

Sree vidya said...

Will try soon and let you know.

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