Temple at 3579, Route 46 E, Apt 23 B, parsippany, NJ, 07054

This is the temple I made at home using card board boxes and few other things!

Cardboard temple at home. - More DIY How To Projects

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Kaka said...

brilliant....it is really good...:)

Anand K said...

super creative use of what is considered waste..

could become an industry by itself if you take it even more seriously :)

Fluffie Picklebuns said...

hey brindummm this is damn cool ya...
u take orders??

Naarya said...

@ Kaka: Thnks!
@ Aani: Thnk u so much!
@ Gotie: :D han...but i dont take care of shipping :

bitter_chocolate said...

awesome stuff brinda!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
GB said...

Hi Brinda, I found you while researching DIY mandir ideas. I love your blog, and I was wondering if I could feature your mandir idea on my blog?


Please do let me know!


GB said...

my email:


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