Kaminey - The Good, the bad and the ugly.

The good – Cast. Amazing how every actor has given their best.

The bad – characters well etched but a little too typical and predictable

The ugly – Priyanka Chopra should stick to skimpy clothes. She is too thin to look good in clothes normal girls wear.


The Good - Fhahid Kapoor

The bad – Overacting in certain placef

The ugly - No Fhahid baby, there if nothing ugly about you.


The good – Story

The bad – Slightly slow screenplay

The ugly – I did not appreciate the climax as much. I don’t want to give a spoiler here. But they could have done away with the other heroine.


The good – Aaaja aaja dil nichode

The bad – Not all songs manage to capture your attention

The ugly – controversies. Why?


The Good – Aids awareness

The bad – The song

The ugly – picturisation did not work very well for me.


The Good – Subtle touches in both verbal and non-verbal expressions (“apna haath jagannath” on gents toilet door…too good)

The bad – too many confusing swings back and forth past and present

The ugly – no more ugly. Its clean.


And special thanks for – no sugar dripping lines, no foreign locale songs, no item numbers, am I thankful for the kissing scene? Maybe not me, but many would be I guess.

It’s not another O-O-O-Omkara. But, good one Vifhal Bharadwaj!

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Dartboard said...

You should have mentioned Dhoom. Or Dhoom2. All other Bollywood movies are nothing compared to those masterpieces.

Kaka said...

ah...u asked for a review and u gave one urself.....even i gave one...:)nice way to present the review.

soin said...

atleast the comedy part was good..

Simant said...

I am disappointed with your review actually ..Movie isnt as great as OMKARA but its good..really good..n Priyanka was awesome..I have no complaints abt the movie at all..I enjoyed it thoroughly..
Bravo Vishal..its my style of film-making..that is if I ever make one :)

Naarya said...

@ Dartboard : i spared myself of the torture of watching those movies
@ kaka : thnx
@ soin: yeah
@ simant: well...thts how i saw the movie. i did not call it bad. i just said it wasnt perfect or not as good as omkara...

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