Shaadi ke laddoo...jalebi n others..

Phew! The roller coaster hasnt come to a halt yet. Some kutti kutti things are always hanging around to be taken care of. Meanwhile I thought I will share my newly acquired knowledge ...

First thing. Your marriage is about 9% what you want. 90.8% what your mom and aunts of various sizes, shapes and vocal abilities want. And about .2% what your dad wants.

During shopping. Keeping your self interest in mind....just SHUT UP. They will discuss and discuss and finally end up picking something to your taste. But if you hasten and try to push your choice through, will be unanimously pulled down. So just watch and hold until the actual moment arrives.

Most frequently heard words: "Madam/sir please look at the"

"Well wishers" will keep throwing instructions from all directions "hey u r not smiling" " u r smiling too much....behave like a girl" "hold...hold the pallu of the saree". I was wondering why isnt anybody looking at the groom??? Yell out instructions at him also please...

The couple are treated like Gods. Yes, you wont be given food or access to timely disposal of waste from your bodies. Apparently, Gods dont need such things. So be prepared.

On the stage during the reception (especially) and other functions too, try to look at the camera and not the camera lights (easier said than done). In Chennai, I kept looking at the lights and all I could see when I looked away was the pink-green-blue after image of the lights and coudnt make out a single face until they came up to my nose. And I was wearing this face like an old woman trying to squeeze the pupils off her eyes with her own eye lids.

Photographer agony....chin down, neck up, little right, only body towards right you look to left, come closer sir...closer madam, look at my hand here, it.

If you are not regular with those heels...practise.

You are your worst enemy. You could pull down your saree during the whole blessing seeking program. I stepped on my pallu and falls and I dont know how many parts of the saree, everytime I bent down and got up.


On a useful note to the girls..

Dont use jazzy stone bindis. They dont come out well in the photos.

Bigger bangles, bigger jewellery, bigger smile ...all photo friendly.

Pinning up the saree in the normal way with pleats on the shoulder is the best way to wear it. Comfortable and friendly.

The hip chain...we all hate it. But surprise! Works too well for the photos.

Sooo...thats it....except for the stones I stumbled upon and Hari's "keezhpachchi" or "kachchai" coming off in the last moment (no...nobody noticed...I told you..someone should look at the groom) there wasnt much of my kinda drama!

Signing off for the day as Mrs. Brinda Harish Kumar.

(Weird. Really weird.)

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Karthik said...

brandyyy.. this will be a very useful one for gals who r gonna get married :D, ur signature looks great!!!!!CHEERS :)

Mustang said...

heh heh... welcome to the fraternity, child !!!
the photo sessions are the heights... they'd tell you to stand and pose in different ways and expect to have a smile at every point of time..

after all your years of dating each other, the word wife must be really weird...

but good show.. enjoy and ride the wave as much as you can..

cheers and all teh best to both of you..


skullz said...

One humorous post !! I plan to get married in presence of 2 witnesses in total .. :D .. been seeing a lot of marriages now and I am starting to wonder as to some university should come up with a degree for studying marriages in India. Seriously, the amount of thought that goes in during it , I reckon we need a scientist to study al of it ..

bitter_chocolate said...

loved the post! good one.

like the new signature too! though yes, it must be weird to be called wife!

Naarya said...

@ karthik : thnk u!
@ D: yeah...i hv crashed on the same couch as millions already hv! and thnx bud!
@skullz: sleep walk through it baby...and u ll be fine! :D :P
@maithri : u bet its weird :D
thnx da!

The Mind of a Virus said...

where were the Jalebis in our wedding??!!!
I bet you hid it from me!!

Naarya said...

@ Hari: Jalebis??? There were jamuns too ;) :P obv i hid them from u ;) :D :D :D naane saaptene!! :D :D he!! he!!

Naarya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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