Bhel Puri for British Breakfast???

Probability that Dev Patel finds his brother on phone at his second take = probability that Kajol sees SRK on Neelam’s show talking about Anjali, right after she knows a kid of the same name is in her summer camp.

Orphaned, estranged brothers. One becomes the bad guy. The other is the good guy. But bad guy helps good guy win his love and then dies = bits of Karan Arjun + scores of other Indian films I havnt seen.

Casting British actor in pivotal Indian role = Karan Johar running to New York to make movies about Indian families that absolutely has nothing to do with NRI life at all.

Probability that Dev Patel finds Frieda Pinto in the Mumbai station at 5 pm is less than the probability that I spot my brother (with who I grew up) in the Bangalore station at 10.45 pm (when the crowd is lot thinner) without a cell phone at hand

The sequence of questions is in the exact sequence that the story has to be revealed = director thought audience will get too confused if the sequence was shown any differently. Or dumb luck.

Cute slum kid grows into accented well groomed urban looking Dev patel = really fat kid grows into good looking Hrithik Roshan in K3G and real pretty girl grows into ugly Kareena Kapoor in K3G.

Kids fall in love. Remember their love and go in search of it from city to another = 8 yr old Anjali understands the dosti-pyaar funda and goes looking for her father’s long lost best friend in KKHH?

Kid jumps into shit hole to get Amitabh’s autograph = milk abhishekam and coconut offerings to Rajinikanth posters in tamil movies Or worse, hero stands in rain having fever holding flowers in bus stop opposite to heroines house…

Boy remembers too many facts hidden between lines from his childhood = gajini has memory problem. But gajini remembers he has memory problem so he remembers to tattoo/photograph everything.

Alternating between the past and present in the narrartion of the story = Mani Ratnam's style in Alaipayuthe (Saathiya)

Anil Kapoor = Just as irritating as he is in his other movies. But he won the Pan Bahaar Max Stardust award!!! Would you beleive he won this award just by saying "CHchchai wala"

The film had all the masala of an average Indian movie.

It was just as masaledaar as the chat in Mumbai’s Chowpatty.

But there were few believable things (“realistic” is such a clichéd word. And I don’t even know what most ppl mean when they say sumthin is “realistic”), great music, very natural performances by the kids, a racy screenplay. I do not know the technicalities of film making but this movie actually made me understand the power of quick and sharp editing. Specially loved the attention given to details like the quick fix used on mineral water bottles, using the pillow on the pistol before killing Mamman, “jab main bolun, tab”…

All said; I am not convinced that this film is actually the best one of the year.

And why did Slumdog Millionaire win the Oscar for the best movie?

D) Destiny.

P.S: I am not a great follower of the Indian cinema. But those who watch good lot of movies must have been able to make out many more comparisons.

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The Mind of a Virus said...

I kno!!
India has films much better than Slumdog...
Rehman has scored many a song incomparable to Jai Ho and Oh Saya...
We've seen better performances from debutante actors (farhan akhtar's rock on comes to mind quickly)
But still what made slumdog win 8 Oscars?
or as jamal says, nobody would believe a Slumdog knows all the answers!!

The Grinch... said...

True...But may be Slumdog,an ENGLISH movie by a british a reason...As the climax says...ITS WRITTEN...Though i didnt like the movie...Congrats to the team...Destiny has been reached....

bitter_chocolate said...

:) its a bollywood film in the truest sense! i like the way you put across your thoughts here.

extremeconflicts said...

Loved your post... Very nicely done..
And anywayz i dun understand why go all crazy abt it.. it was a nice movie, sold India as SLUM Leader.. Had Taj too.. and thts about it..

Naarya said...

@ Harish: Yeah Rahman definetly has made better songs. But these songs were the best among the nominated. We should also consider the fact that these are awards given by the western world and so its important they understand the music too. We might feel 'genda phool' and 'masakkali' are very good but would the oscar jury understand this music? In fact many people down south think 'Kizhakku Seemaile' and 'Karuthamma' are best works of Rahman. But they didnt even get to cross the Vindhyas, let alone the oscars.

@Aru : yes. we had the same thing to say on that very day...remember?

@ Maithri: Yup and thnx :)

@ Soan: Yeah...the snake charmer and the elephant would have completed the circle :)

karthick said...

Brandy what u said is very true. The world wants to hear that india is a poor country and tats well portrayed here! World is happy nd it touched oscar jury's!!

The Mind of a Virus said...

Thats wat I sed.. It just got lucky AND the Slumdog had all the answers the west seeked!!
Is just that we know what was!

skullz said...

:) half the movies that win oscars you fail to understand as a layman as to why were they even considered in the first place. :) but then you look at them in the artistic sense they are master pieces :) .. Slumdog is an exception to both the classes .. :)

Naarya said...

@ Skullz: Yeah....oppressed women in tehran... conflict zones in Africa n slums of mumbai.... subjects tht will defy all logic to get a spot in the awards circle!

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