Naked to the hangman

You hid them smiles to seem distressed
You hid them tears to seem brave
You lose them all veils and masks
When you walk into your grave

Under this bright light
Reasons and excuses fade
Is it hope or ignorance,
That you still wear the naïve face?

All that’s staged will be gone
Drop the act, the screens are coming down
Wash down the lies, all fake and wicked
To the hangman, we all go naked….

-- Brinda

"Naked to the Hangman" is the title of a book by Andrew Taylor.
Havn't read the book...but the title got me thinking.

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Gowtham said...

very tru brindz. sometimes we even try to hide things from ourself, don't we??

Naarya said...

yes...we hide..we cheat...its the worst when we do it to ourselves!

The Mind of a Virus said...

Good read :)

The Mind of a Virus said...

What fails my understanding is.. yes we all come naked, we all go naked, but we need to wear our clothes to be part of the what we are all into... isnt it all part of the game?? which we call life..

Naarya said...

@ harish: Thnk u!

hmm...if u were to look at it that way...y put too much scene and waste time on clothes while u kno thrs a supreme power that cannot be impressed upon by the clothes.
U can impress others...even urself...n then sometimes start believing in the clothes(instead of the real person)..but thrs sumthin tht will not care what u wear outside...
P.S: by clothes...i mean the lies/conviniences/happiness/helplessness...and a myriad of other complexities we create...instead of living a simple life...

The Mind of a Virus said...

Can you??!! :)

Naarya said...

@ harish: as usual...i do not get ur question.(being the pea brain i am..)
but in case u r asking if i can shed the "clothes" (pun not intended) then...i am not sure if i can...but i hv stopped caring... i think thts a start...

karthik said...

very nice tot bandy.. i rem d saying "be a roman wen u r in rome", if i remove d mask here.. ppl will brand me mad! sometimes v do it just for d sake of it :(

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