Its windy, it’s noisy
Been here for long
But this is not where I belong.
Like a winter leaf blown,
I stand alone.

Hoping the wind will blow me away
Hoping I never see the next day
I stand on the peak
Watch the blue mountains turn brown
And I stand alone

Cry over my lost sight
Of no use, this blinding light,
Open doors, closed roads
Caught in a maze I spun,
Confused, I stand alone

He said he will be there
I turn around; only to watch him go
Now all is bitter or sour
My sweet senses long gone
Quietly, I stand alone

No one cares
But all question
All ears but none listen
Dreams I fulfill, but none my own
Smiling, I stand alone

I stand alone,
But can’t fly to my sky
And I wonder why…
You watched me soar
And then shot down
So here I again, I stand alone...

-- Brinda

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simant said...

This one is my favorite..cant express in words y..i just identify with it completely!!

Naarya said...

thnx!! grinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

dileesh said...

This is my fav ... can realte to it :-)

Naarya said...

its my fav too!

Aarthi said...

Another beautiful poem! This is my second fav!

Naarya said...

OK...before anyone else asks anything...this poem is abt my dad n me!!

SaurabhU said...

Boss, its like being alone in the crowd or vice versa..nostalgic and hopeful 2 meet chums soon...

Now u gotta write something for me..kinda dedication u knw.. lolz..

Tae-Hyun said...

i prefer being alone, rather than being lonely...

ur poem makes me feel..therez nothing like being alone...:)

y u confuse kiddo like me'huh...

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